Epic Lineage

Lingering in the background noise of our cultural heritage. You might be able to name a few, in some educational context you where forced to dissect them contextualizing and re-contextualizing until their life was gone. Adventure, violence, heroism to be enjoyed as mere entertainment in no way different from the products of cinema.

Epic poetry: from Homer to Milton, for some reason these things have survived. For many they stand as hangovers of old. Obtuse and opaque texts primed to be gutted from curricula in the name of ‘progress’. This would not only be wrong, but impossible.

What if our conception of hell doesn’t come from the Bible?

What if free will is an invention of psychic control?

What if wrath is not deadly sin but a heroic virtue?

What if poetry has hurled us into Accelerationism?

Epic poetry is the lasting key to the genealogy of values, projecting from and also back into history with subterrainian effect. Through achetypical perminance they have had impact on all meaningful things, particularly the highest questions.

Over the coming months I will be posting research from the neglected epics as it relates to philosophy. Particularly when it comes to notion of freedom and the eschatological imagination of our inherited zeitgeist.

It is again time for things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme.

The above forms part of the research for a book (Forthcoming Late 2021). A polemic on the topic of ‘free will’, utilizing the unorthodox sources of epic poetry. Subscribe for free essays and updates: