The '27' Mindset

The ‘27 Club’, an imaginary statistic which happens to contain a few notables. Already I am being pedantically analytical. Pulling the very notion apart before it has a chance to experience delirium tremens. The ‘27 Club’ is not a ‘club’. Not statistics, or even a myth. The ‘27 Club’ is a mindset.

A ‘27’-er is relentlessly oriented toward the erratic extremes of experience along with a death drive aroused by the most potent forms of self-defined eschatology.

Examples of extremes of experience being:

  • Drug abuse

  • Extreme/abnormal sexual acts

  • Unpredictable disposition (conditional or self-induced)

  • Opinions which escape definition

Examples of self-defined eschatology being:

  • Traffic accidents

  • Drug overdoses

  • Homicide

  • Suicide

Sounds like good old-fashioned hedonism right?

Again, being overly analytical would block us from retrieving the potential wisdom of the ‘27’-er worldview. Can you be a ‘27’-er if you don’t die at 27 years of age?

Avicii - 7 months too late - Suicide by self-mutilation using a broken wine bottle.

Mac Miller - 4 months too early - Drug overdose (fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol).

(Thanks to Kevin Land for the examples)

It’s essence, contained past the vaneer of fame, within the ‘27 Club’ is not about age. Analytically measuring according to our Julian timescales, which are in constant need of adjustment due to their arbitrary nature, will provide us with no insight into what it means to be a ‘27’-er.

Pope John XII probably died at 27 years of age, but we have yet to see a Pope who is a ‘27’-er. However, at the rate the Catholic institutions are going we probably aren’t far off renaming it: The Religious Order of the Holy 27.

You commonly come across the dull dissecting of numeral things such as age when you mention the concept of a ‘boomer’ around a normie. Like the ‘27’-er, being a boomer is not an age but a mindset.

Escaping the death drive of the ‘27’-er and the self-satisfied state of boomerism, selecting your conscious approach to the world according to situational requirements opens up new paths of creativity and confidence. Thinking like a ‘27’-er or boomer won’t put you on a determinate path to either hedonism or incompetence. Like every mindset in this fallen world both have pros and cons.

The boomer is selfish, close-minded and incompetent. But their nonchalance leaves them naturally chilled, at one with the way things are: based boomers.

The ‘27’-er is hedonistic and disorderly but still has child-like eyes. Channeling their erratic nature into flourishes of iconoclastic creativity without regard for consequence. Consequences only seem to occur on the day you decide to grow up.

In a messy world we can manifest a state of balance which goes beyond mere pseudo-Buddhist harmony and into genuine flourishing when we are able apply the appropriate mindset:

Yin & Yang, Dionysus and Apollo, Anima and Animus...

The Boomer and the ‘27’-er.